In addition to my regular monthly constituent clinics, I had three public meeting scheduled for March. Sadly, Covid level two rules prevented me from holding the Sulphur Point meeting, but I was really pleased we returned to level one in time to hold the Welcome Bay community meeting last week.

It was a valuable opportunity for me to meet Welcome Bay residents and hear their concerns about local crime. We were fortunate to be joined by senior police as well as Good Neighbour and Neighbourhood Support, who shared the progress they are making in fighting and preventing local crime, which has predominantly been theft from cars.

We understand a number of arrests have been made and there’s been a reduction in car thefts since, helped also by more people taking the time to lock their vehicles and remove attractive items from view.

On Monday, March 29, I’m looking forward to meeting the Lower Kaimai community, where local concerns also involve crime but also the lack of high speed fibre broadband. I’ll have police representatives with me as well as internet specialists to talk about interim options while we await the Rural Broadband Initiative rollout. Residents are welcome to bring up other concerns with me as their local MP too. If you live around Omanawa, Lower Kaimai or McLaren Falls, you can register for the meeting at:

I’ll be adding future public meetings to my schedule in the coming months, which you can keep updated on at:

I look forward to seeing you at one of them.

Todd Talks
with Todd Muller
National MP