This past week has been full of poignancy, as we observed the two year anniversary of the Christchurch terror attack on March 15, 2019, where 51 people lost their lives.

Their names were all lovingly read out at the National Remembrance Service, attended by the Prime Minister and other dignitaries.

Two years ago, our essential services played a key role in helping bring care, treatment and dignity to those who were injured and dying following the attack in Christchurch. Now, with the entrenched presence of Covid-19, it is still our essential services that continue to bring care, treatment and dignity to those impacted personally by Covid-19.

Our regional St John Service also recently acknowledged and celebrated the service achievements of long term supporters in the Western BOP Annual Service Awards.

I was honoured to present the award for Ultra Long Service to Eddie Jackson for 50 years’ service, the 1st Gilt Bar for 55 years’ service to Paul Sullivan and the 2nd Gilt Bar for 60 years’ service to Alan Pine.

The timespan of service for these Ultra Long Service awards is testament to the level of commitment that these three men have given in serving their communities selflessly.

They serve as an exemplary example to others, including those other awards recipients coming through the ranks. 

There was further acknowledgement of local philanthropic families and businesses who support the St John Ambulance Service. In closing, this is a timely reminder that our frontline essential workers and their families, both in the health and service sectors, continue working to keep us all safe.

We can do our bit for the cause too, by remembering to scan and record visits on our Covid tracer app, keeping up good hand hygiene and staying at home if you are not well.

Angie Warren-Clark
Labour MP