Sideline Sid almost fell of his chair on Monday nigh, when the One News sports presenter decided to give his 10 G.O.A.T's (Greatest Of All Time) athletes, giving the number one spot to Tom Brady, who had just claimed his seventh NFL Super Bowl title.

While he is sure to come under social media fire, putting Brady ahead of such as Tiger Woods, Serena Williams and not ranking Muhammad Ali - it's his opinion and he is entitled to his view.

It got Sideline Sid thinking about what an impossible task to try to rank the greatest of all time in anything.

One thing Sid knows a little about is New Zealand amateur boxing, which he applied his thoughts to the best amateur boxer in the country since the formation of the New Zealand Boxing Association in 1902.

His starting point was Olympic Games competition.

New Zealand has won an Olympic medal of each colour, starting with Ted Morgan, who won New Zealand's first ever Olympic Gold Medal at the 1928 Games held in Amsterdam. Morgan, went unbeaten in defeating boxers from Sweden, France, Italy and Argentina.

It was another 52 years before a Kiwi pugilist earned Olympic success.

Kevin Barry Jnr won four bouts, including the controversial victory over Evander Holyfield, where the future world heavyweight champion was deemed to have hit Barry after the bell.

What is not so well known, is that Kevin Barry was denied the opportunity to fight for the gold medal after being declared medically unfit from the Holyfield knockdown.

While David Tua is better known for his power punching in the professional ranks, he earned a Bronze Medal at the 1992 Olympics.

Tua was beaten by David Izonritei from Nigeria, a defeat he reversed in a professional fight later in his career.

Six Kiwi boxers have won Commonwealth Games Gold, starting with Heavyweight Frank Creagh in 1950.

Creagh was followed by Welterweight Wally Coe and Heavyweight Bill Kini at the 1962 and 1966 Commonwealth Games.

Jimmy Peau, who boxed professionally as Jimmy Thunder, won Gold in 1986 with Super Heavyweight Michael Kenny thrilling home-country crowds at the Auckland, New Zealand Commonwealth Games.

The only New Zealand boxer to win two Commonwealth Gold medallions is David Nyika, who went back to back at the 2014 and 2018 events.

Other New Zealand amateur boxers to throw in the mix as the best of all-time include Bill Byrne, who won 10 National titles in the Heavyweight and Light Heavyweight divisions, often boxing twice on finals night to capture two titles.

It is hard to go past Brian Kendall, who won seven National senior titles with a remarkable record of never being beaten in a National Championship bout, winning all eighteen that he contested.

Current National Coach Billy Meehan holds a record that will never be beaten of nine National Featherweight crowns, with the featherweight division no longer contested.

Add in the Ron and David Jackson, who had a mortgage on the Jameson Belt during the 1970's, the Rackley brothers of Les, Jeff, Dean and Dean, along with Trevor Shailer who won seven titles and earned the Jameson Belt four times.

Others which Sideline Sid could consider, are Paddy Donovan, Brian Maunsell, Pat Ryan, Billy Graham and Shane Cameron who is the only Heavyweight to won the most scientific prize of the Jameson Belt.

There are plenty of others worthy of a nomination to be considered the best amateur boxer in the country, which shows the enormity of trying to select a G.O.A.T. - so Sideline Sid will just leave it to interested SunLive readers to make their own pick.

Sideline Sid
Sports correspondent & historian