2020 has been an epic year and one which will forever be recorded in history as both memorable and momentous for a number of reasons stemming from the covid-19 global pandemic.

We learned so much in 2020 and returned to the basics in life - how to be kinder to each other, we could live in a bubble, we sanitised and social distanced when out mixing with other bubbles.  We saw more of our neighbourhoods out on teddy bear hunts, we stood silently in respect at our mailboxes on the dawn of Anzac Day. We had the opportunity to reset our fast paced modern lives as an unintended consequence of covid-19 which focussed us on what really matters.

Some of our bubbles lost their jobs or businesses but most sadly some lost their lives.

In 2020 it is an achievement that most of us have been fortunate enough to have come through to the tail end of 2020 still in one piece with our lives intact. For me I have been blessed, thanks to the support of voters which returned me as a List MP to the 53rd Parliament.   I will serve for a second term as a member of the environment select committee and as the new Chair of the Social Service and Community Select Committee and the chair of New Zealand Parliamentarians’ Group on Population and Development.

I believe that the first ever FPP style result in an MMP electoral voting system returning our government to Parliament with a significant mandate is a massive vote of confidence for the work that we have done so far and that we will continue to do this term. We intend to be a Government that governs for the whole country.  I look forward to serving you all.

Enjoy your family and friends and let’s continue to play it safe over the break – wash your hands, use the app, wear your mask and lets’ make summer unstoppable by doing your bit! Wishing you all a safe Christmas and an uplifting new year in 2021. 

Angie Warren-Clark
Labour MP