We continue our series of classic Rogers Rabbits this week to mark The Weekend Sun’s 20th anniversary. This week we take a stroll through the last post-election ponderings.

Piglet and Eeyore were strolling through the Hundred Acre Wood, reflecting on the busy week  they’d had.

It was a comfortable way to meander and chat, sort of propping each other up, since one leaned to the left and the other the right.

“What day is it?” asked Piglet.

“The day after elections,” replied Eeyore.

“So are you now in charge of Hundred Acre Wood?” the little guy asked his big friend.

“No, I don’t think so. But things might change,” Eeyore replied wistfully, trying  to look and sound as confident as the  week before.

“So who is in charge?” asked the confused little piglet.

“Well nobody really, I suppose,”  replied Eeyore.

“Although Christopher Robin has been  in the job for years and years and wants to carry on.”

“Why can’t he? I could help!” exclaimed Piglet, starting to get quite excited about the prospect of being involved.

“I doubt it,” scoffed Eeyore.

“Why?” asked Piglet, now feeling suddenly deflated and a little hurt.

“Because Winnie probably wouldn’t approve,” suggested Eeyore.

“Oh Pooh,” said Piglet.

“Yes him,” said Eeyore.

“No, I just meant pooh generally,”  said Piglet.

“So does Winnie want to rule Hundred Acre Wood?” asked Piglet.

“Yes, don’t we all?” said Eeyore.

“But none of us can do it alone. We have to pick sides.”

“So do you want to rule the Hundred Acre Wood?” asked Piglet.

“Yes of course,” stomped Eeyore, feeling a little miffed that Piglet might only rate her third most likely.

“But why can’t you?” asked the  confused Piglet.

“Because that would only work if Winnie and Owl and I teamed up in a threesome.”

“Will he do that?” asked Piglet.

“Who knows? Ask the bear.”

Not letting up, Piglet then demanded to know why, if there had been an election, that Winnie seemed to be calling the shots and not the voters.

“That’s how the Hundred Acre Wood system works. It’s called Emempee. Not to be confused with Eminem.

“Some of the animals had made that mistake already and it hadn’t ended well.

“So where is Winnie?” asked Piglet.

“Gone fishing.”

“Why has he gone fishing when there’s a decision to be made?” asked Piglet.

“Because that’s just what bears do.”

Eeyore wasn’t sure if that was the right answer, but at least it shut the little shite up for a while.

They kept walking.

“What about Owl?

“Couldn’t you and Owl and Winnie take sides and scrape in?” suggested Piglet.

“No, I doubt Winnie and Owl would get along around the table. They are just poles apart, philosophically.

“Just like you and I,” offered the Piglet.

Eeyore didn’t answer. But both knew they’d never team up to run Hundred Acre Wood.

The Heffalump Hole

Sensing that Eeyore’s confidence was a bit sapped from the heady days of the election build up, Piglet pried a little deeper.

“Did you really think you’d be in charge, Eeyore?”

“Well, it was looking hopeful for a while there,” the big donkey’s eyes welling up a Little.

“So what changed,” asked Piglet, hoping he wasn’t getting too close to a raw nerve.

“Everything was going well until Tigger started talking about the Heffalump Hole.”

“So there was a Heffalump Hole?” Piglet glanced about nervously and trembling a bit.

“No, that’s what Tigger told everyone. But there’s no such thing as a Heffalump Hole.

“There isn’t even a Heffalump that I know of.”

Almost believing her own assertion, Eeyore cast a nervous eye behind, just  in case.

Piglet didn’t want to appear scared, but he believed Tigger too.

He thought Eeyore was just trying to  skirt around the Heffalump Hole. And he knew that if the Heffalump Hole was found, then the voters would back Christopher Robin and Tigger, and he might be invited along to help. And they could do it all without Winnie.

It was lonely being the only Piglet left in Hundred Acre Wood. He didn’t want to end up like the Te Woozles. The last of them sadly disappeared in the election. They were now standing outside the Hundred Acre Wood because someone had taken all their special seats. Friends  of Eeyore’s.

“So when is Winnie going to decide who to take sides with?” pondered Piglet.

“When someone brings out the biggest hunny pot,” answered Eeyore frankly.

“Where are you going to find that?”  asked Piglet.

“Why do you think we’re staggering around this friggin wood, you irritating little capitalist twerp.”

Piglet sensed that Eeyore might be getting tired of his relentless questions. He was just thinking up something to change the subject, when suddenly, the donkey disappeared into a huge hole in the ground.

“They didn’t see that coming,” mused Tigger, from the side of the Heffalump Hole.

Brian Rogers
Rogers Rabbits