I have always enjoyed spending time in Tauranga’s CBD and it was great to see so many people enjoying it as well over the Christmas break.

The city is changing, it is transforming. Recently one of New Zealand’s leading real estate expert’s picked Tauranga Central as one of top ten locations that have the most potential for growth, the only suburb outside of Auckland to make the list.

He noted that Tauranga’s exponential growth is expected to continue and that people will come back to the city centre not just for work or shopping but to live, with new developments including the University of Waikato’s new campus, 120 apartments in the new Farmers building and cool new laneways to connect walking and cycling.

The Infometrics Quarterly Economic Monitor September report for our area released at the end of last year also provided very positive news for our local economy. Tourism spending increased by 7.2 per cent jumping to $860 million spent in the year to September 2019 and gross domestic product climbed 2.95 per cent during the same period.
Retail spending was strong with retailers reportedly already starting to see the benefit of increased wages for police, teachers and those who work in healthcare thanks to the current Government’s increasing wages to those who work in these vital sectors. Our already very low unemployment rates have dropped a further 0.5 per cent and we welcomed 6000 new residents to further enhance our thriving community.

The future is looking very bright for Tauranga and the Bay.

Jan Tinetti
Labour MP