The Tauriko commercial block was previously the solution to the rapid growth of Tauranga, but it has now nearly reached full capacity. The development of the Rangiuru Industrial Park is the next essential step that needs to be taken in the commercial expansion of our region. Strategically located between the rail line and the Tauranga Eastern link, it will serve as a key commercial hub that will increase our capacity to feed logs, kiwifruit, and other goods to and from the Port of Tauranga.

I recently met with Scott Hamilton (CEO of Quayside Holdings) to receive an update on the progress of the Industrial Park. According to him, the project is poised and waiting to go through. However, it still hinges on a few requirements before it can move forward. There needs to be a highway interchange built from the Tauranga Eastern Link to enable access to the business park area. Secondly, there needs to be a Rail Spur constructed off the main rail line which will allow the loading/offloading of goods coming from and going to the port. A second block of land also needs to be purchased to add to the current block already set aside by Quayside. They need stakeholders and investors to help with this expansion.

The Rangiuru Industrial Park has been submitted as a potential recipient for PGF funding and is currently in the first stage of the approval process. New Zealand First is committed to doing everything they can to ensure that this incredible opportunity is realised, as it is an essential initiative for the growth and development of our region. 

Clayton Mitchell
New Zealand First MP