A robust and healthy society depends on strong support for our people and communities.

The hundreds that turned out to support the removal of the Bayfair underpass last weekend proved just how strong the thread can be.

It takes a lot to get our community really fired up and the angry crowd made it known what they thought of NZTA’s ineptitude and short-sightedness to remove the underpass. In October it will be demolished completely.

I am putting as much pressure as possible on NZTA to ensure it is built and the overpass itself expanded to four lanes because the current proposal is unsafe and will be clogged with traffic on the day it is opened.

To ensure children get the best start new mums and babies need the right care. New mums can be pressured into leaving hospital early even when they need support to get them through the first few days, often an overwhelming and frightening experience.

As the dad to three children one consistent thing that I hear from new mums in the Bay of Plenty is that they wish they had the option of a longer stay in hospital. Most people don’t know that new mums are entitled to 48 hours of care in a postnatal facility which means they leave early and miss out on having the level of postnatal care they might want.

National believes new mums should be supported and have more choices in their postnatal care. My colleague, Louise Upston, has proposed a solution that would help to alleviate some of the problems new mums face. Her Bill would guarantee every new mother a minimum of 72 hours in a postnatal facility. Not only that, but lead maternity carers - doctors and midwives, would be obliged to tell them.

National supports giving people choices so they can do what’s best for them and their families.

Todd Talks
with Todd Muller
National MP