This week saw a sea-change in European politics.

Millions of voters in European Parliament elections abandoned traditional establishment parties which have dominated polls for decades, in favour of social libertarian parties, and those with environmental issues at the heart of their policies.

In the UK, the newly-formed Brexit Party led by arch-Brexiteer Nigel Farage, secured 29 seats in the European Parliament. Six weeks after their launch, they took home 31.71 per cent of the vote amid huge losses for the Conservatives and Labour.

The election results in Europe reflect the peaceful political revolution that has been taking place globally. Voters are frustrated and no longer feel that mainstream politicians are listening to them. They want a new voice in the future.

At home, we must take heed of the changes in the political tide overseas. We must listen to what New Zealanders are saying and be responsive.

New Zealand First is a centrist party looking after the needs of all Kiwis fairly and equally. We support controlled immigration and believe firmly in generating free trade opportunities which support business growth that generates a wealthy economy, which will ultimately benefit all New Zealanders.

We are a stable political party and an active coalition partner in the Government. We will continue to work tirelessly to do the right thing by New Zealanders.

Clayton Mitchell
New Zealand First MP