This Government talks a lot about wellbeing, kindness and compassion.  All of these things are important but it seems to be just talk.

The numbers of people on benefits are increasing and Kiwi families are struggling with the rising cost of living.   

The most recent statistics show more children are living in poverty than in 2017, under a National Government. Thousands more people are claiming benefits and the numbers of people needing assistance to eat and live are at record highs.  This is not kindness, it’s hardship.

The quarterly benefit statistics show there are 13000 more Kiwis on benefits.  It’s difficult to believe the number of people on the job seeker benefit keeps increasing, when the message I am receiving from businesses is, they are desperate to find workers.

It isn’t kind or compassionate to reduce incentives to work. New Zealander’s are better off in work and creating opportunities for them and their families.  

Later this month the Government will deliver its well-being Budget. National wants people to lead independent happy lives. A very real way of increasing New Zealanders well-being is to have a job that covers their living costs.

The Prime Minister has pledged to reduce child poverty but the hardship and special needs grants figures show it’s getting tougher for those children living in benefit-dependent households.  

Where is the plan to get Kiwis off benefits?  

Talking about it is the easy part.  It’s getting the results that count.

Simon Bridges
National Party Leader