Over the last few weeks, much has been of a group of tourists from the UK who have wreaked havoc right across New Zealand’s North Island, stealing, littering and generally failing to live up to the standard we set for travellers here.

Thankfully, media reports suggest this group have departed the country, so now it’s time to turn our attentions to the exploits of another group of tourists who are making their way around the country at the moment.

The public should be on high alert.

At the time of writing (Monday, January 28) I can confirm that the group has been sighted viciously attacking a group of 11 Kiwi blokes in both Napier and here in Mount Maunganui.

I personally witnessed one of the attacks and it was difficult to watch. Some have suggested the Kiwis were also robbed, although there are conflicting reports.

While it is understood that there is no immediate threat to public safety, particular care should be taken if you are wearing black, holding a bat and standing in front of a wicket.

The group was last sighted heading over the Kaimai Range towards Hamilton. By the time you read this, you’ll know how they got on.

Here’s hoping the Blackcaps pull through.

Todd Talks
By Todd Muller