At a recent public meeting, a man expressed his concerns over the new Greerton roading layout and the impact it is having on the community. His concerns are one of a growing number I am receiving.

My office has contacted 11 businesses in the Greerton main street area, and the majority of their feedback is negative. Their feedback includes disgruntled customers, reduced accessibility, car parking issues, crawling traffic, longer commuting times and a downturn in business.

Owners and managers have also talked about how challenging it is for older residents and how some of their customers are avoiding the shopping centre entirely.

I have also heard from people who are unhappy about the area formally known as Phoenix Carpark in Mount Maunganui. Opinions range from an ‘unattractive place’, a skateboard park, reduced parking, loss of trees, no shade and a ‘concrete pad that doesn’t resemble an urban park’.

I am all for moving our city forward, but I have to ask how the council gets into these situations? There seems to be lots of process and no good outcomes. I agree with my constituents that the end result of both of these projects fails to impress and is missing the mark for the community.

On a positive note, on New Year’s Eve my family and I attended the Fergusson Park celebration put on by the council. It was a great show and really brought the community together.

Simon Bridges
National Party Leader