Being a Dad means always watching out for your children. I have the added responsibility of helping shape policy for other people’s children, and I don’t take this lightly.

I am always thinking about how we can make this country better for all our kids, and I believe education is a great place to start.

My oldest child, Emlyn is already at school. My second child, Harry will join him next year. Baby Jemima is not even one, so school is a way off. Already I can see Jemima’s character developing.

All three of my children have very different personalities, which is a joy and sometimes a challenge. I recognise that they require education that is individual to them. More teacher time and reduced class sizes will give them, and other children, the attention they need. 

Education can help overcome the challenges that some children face, purely because of the circumstances they were born into. More primary school teachers means more attention for our kids at a stage of life when they need it most.

It is disappointing to learn that recruiting teachers has become more difficult, and there are teacher shortages in Tauranga.

National is committed to attracting teachers and reducing class sizes. Over the next two years we will be working with teachers, parents, and communities on the details of policy to achieve this. 

Backing children and the people who teach them will help every young New Zealander reach their full potential.

Simon Bridges
National Party Leader