In politics it’s very easy to make assumptions as to why you think people vote for you or what you think they want, but the only thing we know about our voters after a General Election is where they are from.

We can break down every voting booth in each electorate around the country to see statistics and percentages of each candidate and their party, but that’s about all we can find out without further investigation.

It’s very difficult to ascertain why somebody voted for a person or a party or what they want. The only way to get this information is by polling, doing focus groups, running surveys or directly asking people.

So I thought this week I would ask all of our readers to do me a favour and tell me what NZ First policies you are interested in and what you want NZ First to do as a priority. You can send it to Clayton Mitchell MP, Parliament, Wellington or email:

Your details will not be shared with anybody or anyone but will be used to make sure we have all the right information available to us when we are making decisions as a caucus and as a party.

I am NZ First because I want to see the gap of inequality dramatically decreased and all New Zealanders to be given an equal opportunity to get ahead, I want to see the word ‘responsible’ put in front of the word ‘capitalism’, and I believe in a single New Zealand franchise where all Kiwis are treated the same, where laws are colour blind and no privilege is given to another New Zealander because of their genealogy or birth right.

Clayton Mitchell
New Zealand First MP