I have really enjoyed this summer, managing to spend a bit of time of my family and enjoying the quite extraordinary hot spell. 

I can remember a couple of times as a boy where the temperature was over 30, not day after day pushing that temperature. 

We are lucky enough to have a pool and it got to 30 too! Parliament is back now and it’s a bit of a challenge to put on a tie. 

Straight in to debating the direction of the country. 

One of the areas I am very disappointed in the Government is the removal of our better public service targets. 

You know the Government spends over $80 billion a year in a huge array of public spending initiatives. 

Complex social problems still dog our community, it’s not a function of money it’s a function of demanding Government agencies to work together to actually improve outcomes for people. 

If you don’t articulate demanding targets, you are just waffling and spending other people’s money without prudence and care. It’s a great question for politicians  actually – don’t just talk about how much money you are spending, show me the differences you are making to peoples lives.

Todd Muller
National MP