Born in Invercargill and now Auckland-based, singer-songwriter Chris Barclay loves to ‘shred’ on his guitar and put on a show for the audience.

Chris started off his musical journey as a drummer, but wanted to express himself more musically, so started to play guitar at the age of 16. Attending the University of Auckland to study Music Education, he was basically self-taught by using books and the internet, and had some help regarding musical theory   from a fellow student.

Chris has done session work with other artists and played covers in bar bands Ultrasound and Nstinct.

He has performed at concerts, music festivals, charity events, and also performs in an acoustic duo with LA Thompson as Dynamic Duo.

Influenced by many guitarists, like Malmsteen, Satriani, and many others, he has a special regard for Steve Vai. And he feels privileged to have had the opportunity to meet Steve in person on three separate occasions, discovering they share many similarities in their views on life.

Chris records his own songs at home in his studio, and he likes to have his recordings sound as ‘live’ as possible. Influenced by his own personal experiences of loss, love, lust, ambition, triumph and death are songs ‘I Won’t Fade’, ‘Go Let It Out’ and ‘The Freedom Of Love And Fire In America’.

Chris plays many styles of music but mostly prefers to play metal, rock, alternative, pop and country rock. He’ll be performing with The LMM Club at Croucher Base Camp on Sunday, January 14, from 2pm-5pm.

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