Cool snap of bronzie’s bite

Posted at 7:22am Thursday 01 Mar, 2018

A bronze whaler shark caught in the act of inhaling a fish. Photo: Brianna Jones.

Some photos are best taken with the camera at the end of a long stick, like this one taken of a bronze whaler shark inhaling a fishy snack.

Western Australian tourist Brianna Jones took the photo near Tauranga while on-board a Fat Boy Charters' boat about three weeks ago.

Brianna was fishing with her family.

Skipper Russ Hawkins says Brianna had a GoPro camera on the end of a stick when she took the photo from just under the surface of the water.

“To me it's a very iconic photo, a very good shot of action taken just under the surface,” says Russ.

 “We don't even try to catch them. We would rather not touch them at all. It just happened to be gathering round the boat while I was cleaning some fish.”

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@ morepork

Posted on 03-03-2018 15:56 | By Told you

Thanks for the enlightment on this subject,l still maintain this whale is not one to attack unless provoked, and does not actively seek out humans to eat.Maybe not make a good pet as I earlier suggested.Cheers.

@Told You

Posted on 02-03-2018 17:14 | By morepork

Unfortunately "docility" of this species is an urban myth. People have been killed by Bronze Whalers in OZ and it is number 7 on the top 10 most dangerous sharks in the world. Here's a link: I agree this is a really great photo but it is still a species that is "best avoided"...


Posted on 01-03-2018 14:29 | By morepork

I don't think so. While it is true that sharks "breathe" by taking water from their spiracle or into their mouths and passing it over their gills (the "ram jet" effect), this fish will go to the digestive tract and, as such, it is being "ingested". (Unless of course, the shark gets it "down the wrong way" in which case it would cough and splutter into its tea... I don't think that has ever been recorded...)


Posted on 01-03-2018 09:22 | By Told you

What a great photo, these sharks are so docile you could almost make them your pet,I have never read a report of a bronze whaler attacking anybody.

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