Car crashes into power pylon

Posted at 1:36pm Monday 12 Feb, 2018

The crashed vehicle. Photos: Andrew Campbell.

A car is on its side in Greerton this afternoon.

A police media spokesperson says a car rolled and hit a power pylon on Oropi Road, near Chadwick Road.

"Police were notified about the crash just after 1pm. Two occupants of the car were checked by ambulance and are okay."

There were no blockages at the scene, says police.

A reporter at the scene says the vehicle has rolled, gouged the ground and crashed into a power pylon.

Power contractors and police are at the scene.


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Posted on 16-02-2018 13:14 | By Capt_Kaveman

there is some new camera out in the country elsewhere

Somewhat surprising...

Posted on 12-02-2018 17:13 | By penguin

....that there have not been more like this on these curves. Probably better to hit a pylon than drop to the businesses metres below! On second thoughts, neither alternative is very attractive. Better to stay on the road.

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