Armed police block Welcome Bay road

Posted at 11:44am Monday 08 Jan, 2018

A police block on Osprey Road in Welcome Bay. Photos: Ryan Wood.

An incident involving armed police in Welcome Bay earlier today has been resolved.

A police media spokesperson says the incident occured near Osprey Drive and involved armed police cordoning off the road for a time.

"This was mental health related and the situation has been resolved without incident."


Armed police have been spotted in Welcome Bay this morning, as they put cordons in place.

A reporter at the scene says armed police have cordoned off Osprey Drive.

A police spokesperson says there is a mental health incident officers are dealing with.

"This is a mental health incident where someone is threatening self-harm.

"Police are in attendance at an address on Osprey Drive"

 People are warned to stay away from the area, while police deal with the incident.


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Posted on 08-01-2018 19:54 | By M. Mouse

Depanding if the patient is armed with a fire arm. No one really knows how a mental patient reacts to uniforms

@ Streakzy

Posted on 08-01-2018 18:16 | By GreertonCynic

Of course they need guns. Lots of guns. Surprised they're not wearing black. And being a mental health issue, I hope there was a mental health expert in attendance. Dropping these people in the lap of the police is a major deficiency of our medical system. I really hope this poor person is closer to the hospital than the cells.

Loving your sense of humour streakzy

Posted on 08-01-2018 17:16 | By Angel74

the way i look at it the police must go in prepared for all situations........

Police in Welcome bay.

Posted on 08-01-2018 12:58 | By Streakzy

Do they really need all those guns for a mental health incident. Are they going to shoot him to stop him from killing himself??

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