Birds washing up after king tide

Posted at 10:23am Saturday 06 Jan, 2018

Penguin rescued by Western Bay Wildlife Trust. Photo: Facebook.

Many penguins and other birds have been washed up onto the beach after the king tide overnight.

Western Bay Wildlife Trust say dog owners and beach walkers should be aware that they might spot some penguins and birds that have been washed up to shore.

Please be aware that lots of exhausted penguins and other birds are washing up on our beach at the moment due to this storm.”

“If there is no sign of injury please leave them alone as they just need a rest.”

They are also warning dog owners to keep their dogs away from the beach or on a lead.

Dogs will grab hold of the bird and some species shake them, which is when the most damage is done and limbs can be torn off.

“For the next 48 hours to allow these birds time to rest and gain their energy back. They cannot fly away or defend themselves at this time.”

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Posted on 06-01-2018 17:52 | By The Sage

Yes can someone please advise what happened to the Dotterel Chick?


Posted on 06-01-2018 14:41 | By peecee09

What has happened to the tiny dotterel chick on the main beach? I would like to think that DOC moved them out of danger??

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