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Posted at 10:40am Thursday 07 Dec, 2017

A lot of dogs are being homed in substandard conditions, with no or limited shelter, and often no water. Supplied photo.

Western Bay of Plenty District Council is on the hunt for untenanted dog kennels as part of a campaign to promote responsible dog ownership.

If you have a kennel in the back garden gathering weeds, out of sight under the house, in the shed, or out in the paddock, no matter where – council really wants it.

They'll even pick them up, and do them up, before donating them to needy dogs.

The campaign kicks off during the Omokoroa Doggy Day Out event on March 24, and aims to highlight a lot of dogs are being homed in substandard conditions, with no or limited shelter, and often no water - which leads to dogs being in a really bad way.

The aim is to give people the opportunity to learn about their obligations as owners, and get pointers from Animal Services staff about how best to care for their dogs.

Follow up events are planned in Maketu on April 27 and 28.

Once restored, photos of donated kennels will be posted on council's Facebook page before being gifted to deserving pooches. Those that aren't donated will be raffled or sold for donation.

People will also be able to vote for the favourite kennel-restoration and potentially win a doggie gift pack.

Council's compliance manager Alison Curtis says some animal welfare cases are saddening but council are committed to working with owners to remedy substandard conditions and improve these dogs' wellbeing.

“Although the more extreme issues are dealt with by the SPCA, we are finding council's new bylaw allows our officers to deal with substandard conditions effectively and faster – which is better for the animals.

“So we are increasingly becoming involved in welfare cases. We desperately want to change the living conditions of these dogs - hence our education campaign and call for kennels.''

To donate a kennel email and leave your name and a contact phone number.

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Wooly headed Socialism again

Posted on 07-12-2017 10:55 | By maildrop

Here we go again, spending other people's money on renovating old dog kennels, mopping up pandering to the slack jawed. Nobody gets left behind!

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