Long-term solution for Mount base track

Posted at 10:48am Tuesday 10 Oct, 2017 | By Sam Gardner

A timeline will be confirmed after a designer is appointed. Photo: Tauranga City Council/Facebook.

Tauranga City Council has announced that a long-term solution is on the way for the ongoing repairs at the base track on Mauao. 

Over the past few months, TCC has been working to repair damages to a part of the base track that fell away during ex-Cyclone Debbie in April. 

In June, Council approved funding to reroute a section of track along the beach underneath the slip site which avoided slip-prone slopes, meaning that any future damages will be easier and less costly to repair. 

“Temporary steps were installed in July,” says TCC. “So walkers are now able to complete the base track loop once again.

“Unfortunately, the steps are not accessible for prams, strollers and wheelchairs, and they're pretty tough going for those of us who have a lower level of mobility. 

TCC say that the long-term solution is being developed. 

“The project has been scoped and last week we asked contractors to put in proposals to design and consent the new section of track. 

“Once the tender has been awarded, detailed design will begin. After a designer is appointed, we'll be able to confirm a timeline for the project. 

“A huge thanks again to everyone in the community for being so patient with us. We're confident that the long-term solution will provide a great experience for the million people who visit our maunga every year.”

The designs will be shared along with updates of the work will be shared with locals through the Tauranga City Council Facebook page and their website.


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Easy, really..

Posted on 10-10-2017 15:44 | By Me again

do the jobs properly in the first place instead of consulting the profis all the time. There is surely someone who knows want to do. Well I guess there is no one.

Make it high enough

Posted on 10-10-2017 14:01 | By Scoop

Hope the designers make the new track high enough to avoid potential sea level rise and choppy waves during rough weather.

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