Bodies found in Tongariro National Park

Posted at 3:58pm Saturday 09 Sep, 2017

The discovery of the men’s bodies followed after an extensive search of the area. Supplied photo.

Two bodies have been located of men who went missing in the Tongariro National Park.

Friends Hakopa Ngaronoa, 26, and Vincent Taumira, 21, went missing after they allegedly fled from a police chase on the Desert Road on Saturday,  August 12.

The men's whanau have been informed and police Iwi Liaison Officers are continuing to offer them support.

The discovery of the men's bodies follows an extensive search of the area by Police, LandSAR, specialist search teams, Police National Dive Squad, dogs, and hundreds of volunteers over the past four weeks.

Police would like to thank everyone who assisted with the search.

The men's bodies have been removed and will be returned to their families.

“It is important that we have been able to bring the men back to their whanau to provide them with a sense of closure at this difficult time,” says senior constable Barry Shepherd.

The men's deaths will be referred to the coroner.

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A real tragedy

Posted on 15-09-2017 19:25 | By morepork

..and such an unnecessary waste of two lives and all the resources invested in finding them. Don't run from the cops; whatever you think you may be in for, it won't be death from exposure. Condolences to the families; it is a truly sad outcome.


Posted on 10-09-2017 11:10 | By dumbkof2

to loose your life for stealing a car and running from police. is it worth it


Posted on 10-09-2017 10:23 | By penguin

...the guys have been located. Tributes to those searchers who gave up their time and best efforts. I know what it's like, having been a LSAR leader in the past.


Posted on 09-09-2017 19:24 | By carma g

Glad to hear boys have been found.condolences to family and friends and top effort by everyone involved searching.

Great outcome

Posted on 09-09-2017 17:59 | By overit

4 wks!!

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