Operator rescued from port crane

Posted at 7:09am Monday 04 Sep, 2017

The medical emergency happened at about 8.30am on Saturday at the Port of Tauranga.

A crane operator had to be rescued from his perch on a Port of Tauranga straddle crane after suffering from a medical event on the weekend.

Emergency services were called to the port on Saturday morning after the man had collapsed.

Firefighters and St John Paramedics were called to the scene when the crane operator was unable to get out of the cab.

A New Zealand Fire Service spokesperson says a hydraulic platform was used to reach the drive who was then helped out of the cab.

He was placed into a scoop, lowered down and taken to a nearby ambulance.

The man was then taken to Tauranga Hospital for treatment.



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golly gosh

Posted on 04-09-2017 16:57 | By old trucker

when in one of these you are very close to the sun, driving one of these is not me ,forklfts no problem ,anyway hope person concerned will be ok ,another great job by Ambulance and all involved, Thankyou, Sunlive ,No1, 10-4, out.phew.

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