Water supply PH levels back to normal

Posted at 2:28pm Thursday 31 Aug, 2017

File photo.

The PH levels in the water supply for people in Pyes Pa and The Lakes is now back to normal, says the Tauranga City Council.

“The pH in the Joyce Road Reservoir has returned to normal operating levels,” says a statement released this afternoon.

A warning was issued this morning, when high PH levels were detected this morning.

“We'll keep monitoring pH levels in the affected areas and have maintenance teams flushing specific areas where needed.

“If you're in Pyes Pa and The Lakes notice that your water still feels a bit soapy, please let Council know, ph 577 7000, so we can get a maintenance team out to flush the water pipes in your area.”

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Thanks guys

Posted on 01-09-2017 08:49 | By Papamoaner

Shit happens, not your fault, but you cop the blame and grizzles and moans from the usual small group of whingers. Most of us knew you would fix it asap. Thanks very much.


Posted on 31-08-2017 18:40 | By Capt_Kaveman

yeah drinkable poison

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