Workers evacuated after gas leak

Posted at 11:03am Thursday 10 Aug, 2017 | By Andrew Campbell

Workers and firefighters await the arrival of the gas man. Photo: Andrew Campbell.

Businesses in an industrial precinct at the end of Taurikura Drive were evacuated this morning after contractors drilled a hole in a gas main.

Firefighters were called at 9.16am after the gas main in Paerangi Place was damaged.

They evacuated everyone out of the adjacent buildings to wait on the arrival of the gas authority, says Tauranga senior station officer Len Sabin.

Once the gas supply was stopped, firefighters cleared any residual gas from the nearby buildings before allowing people to return to work.

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golly gosh

Posted on 10-08-2017 19:48 | By old trucker

IM sure contractors have a special gadget to locate GAS LINES, for goodness sake, the Downtime for Businesses would be expensive, my thoughts only on this, No1 WINNER,Thankyou, 10-4 out.

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