Speed may be factor in fatal crash

Police are investigating a fatal crash in the Taupo area.

Police investigating the crash in which a man died after his vehicle hit a tree, believe speed may have been a factor.

At 7.20am, a Mazda utility vehicle collided with a tree on Mapara Road, Taupo.

The driver, who was the only one in the vehicle at the time of the crash, died at the scene from injuries sustained in the crash.

Evidence indicates that speed was a factor in the crash, says Senior Sergeant Fane Troy of the Taupo Area Road Policing Group.

“This crash is another tragedy to our community.  Since January there have been 10 deaths in the Taupo and South Waikato areas.

“Police encourage all our road users, both local and those travelling through, to follow the basic road safety messages.

“Slow down, wear your seatbelts, do not drink and drive, beware of distractions and if feeling tired stop and have a rest.”

Police will be in a position to name the victim of the crash tomorrow.

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Speed a factor? Yeah right!

Posted on 19-06-2017 20:41 | By triplediamond

Lack of driver ability more like it.Just another example of too many idiots on our roads with little or no ability to adapt and recognise road conditions.Most NZ drivers can’t even use their indicators! Just look at the stats for crashes.NZ drivers lack driver education, lack driving skill and most would not pass the basic road code! Fact