Parihaka piece wins stage challenge

Raw Division winners Whangamata Area School. Supplied photo.

Whangamata Area School took out first place in the Raw Division of this year’s Stage Challenge on Friday night, with their performance, Justice for Parihaka.

Raw is Stage Challenge’s secondary school division, in which the focus is on stripping back production elements and telling a story through dance and performance elements alone.

Whangamata Area School’s piece focused on the events that took place in Parihaka on November 5, 1881 – a peaceful Maori protest, which was met with armed aggression from the government.

Stage Challenge event manager Olivia Kinane says Whangamata Area School had the whole audience on the edge of their seats with their touching tribute to the people and iwi of Parihaka.

“All of the elements of the piece added a depth and complexity to the story that helped to create their unfiltered performance.”

Production judge Tim Julian calls the piece a ‘very timely reminder of this story’, while design judge Dave Wilson says it was a ‘stunning visual performance’.

In a close second place was Hauraki Plains College with Whawhati Free (Breaking Free).

Olivia says Tauranga put on an exceptional second night.

“The Raw Division of the competition was astoundingly breath-taking and artistic. The Tauranga schools not only put on a good show but they were hugely supportive of one another backstage. Helping one another out with make-up, warm ups and cheering each other on and off the stage was a pleasure to witness and really speaks wonders of what Stage Challenge can do for the local communities and schools.”

Stage Challenge & J Rock offers a platform for students to develop self-belief, confidence and resilience, as the safe, fun and exciting atmosphere upholds key values of attending school, working towards realistic education goals, and staying fit and healthy without tobacco, alcohol and other drugs.

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Actually, that is not what happened

Posted on 18-06-2017 12:01 | By Captain Sensible

It’s such a shame that innocent students are being brainwashed by marxist PC liberal revisionists.There is no excuse for ignorance regarding the Parihaka affair for the facts of the matter were well documented at the time and are available to anyone prepared to do a little objective research. The "Prophets of peace", both Te Whiti and Tohu, were former Hau Hau warriors ( they who decapitated the heads of Europeans ) and only resorted to "passive resistance" ( a.k.a breaking the law and the Treaty of Waitangi ) when they realised that killing non combatant settlers and loyal Maoris was not going to work. After some eleven years of illegal occupation the authorities were left with no option but to expel the squatters ( completely without violence ) and end anarchy.