Te Puke crash highlights safety concerns

One person was taken to hospital following a crash on No1 Road in Te Puke today. Photos: Tracey Wallace-Hutchins.

Residents of No 1 Road near Te Puke are calling for safety measure to be put in place immediately following a crash in the area today.

Emergency services were called to the crash, between Edgehill Place and Roderick Lane, at 10.42am.

A police spokesperson says St John Paramedics were called to the scene, along with police.

A witness to the crash says one man taken to hospital with nasty laceration to head.

She says the other passengers were shaken from the crash.

“The car was traveling north and failed to take the left hand bend, travelled on the right hand (eastern) road beam, mowing down a number of cats eyes, traveling an estimated 200 meters crossed the road jumping the bank, spinning to rest few meters from the other corner.”

The recent crash is the exact reason why a petition has been organised for the Western Bay of Plenty District Council to take immediate action and reduce the speed in the area.

“Safety measures are necessary to ensure safety for No 1 Road residents and road users,” says resident Tracey Wallace-Hutchins. 

“I raised No 1 Road safety concerns recently at the Te Puke Community Board meeting just this week. Speed was the factor of this accident, the road was not wet at the time of the accident.”

Meanwhile, police are also investigating the cause of the crash which led to one vehicle flipping onto its roof in Pongakawa.

With the winter months now here, and slippery conditions on the roads inevitable, police are asking motorists to reduce their speed accordingly.

The vehicle following a crash in Pongakawa. Photo: Ryan Carlylse.

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Driver behaviour and unroadworthy vehicles

Posted on 18-06-2017 17:01 | By Border Patrol

Bring a Te Puke local, this unfortunately is a reasonably common occurrence. We have a combination of bad local driver behaviours, overseas drivers (due to kiwifruit industry) vehicles that are not roadworthy, large traffic volumes and country roads. Even if the speed limit was lowered, it would be ignored. There needs to be a more visible and active police presence on our roads. We regularly see vehicles that are obviously not roadworthy which once upon a time would have been taken off the road, in fact the police would set up checkpoints specifically for that purpose, but they don’t appear to do it any more.

People need to...

Posted on 17-06-2017 20:59 | By GreertonBoy

Learn to drive! It is not the roads fault this vehicle crashed? It is either the vehicle or the driver that caused the crash. You can make as many speed limit reductions as you like, but if people cant even control a vehicle at or below the speed limit, reducing it wont help. Drivers need to learn how to drive properly, to suit the conditions. Cars need to do less for the driver, so the driver has to actually do the driving, so they don’t get bored and take their mind off the task... and then their mind stray to other things like phones or other distractions.... Glad the driver wasn’t too badly injured...

golly gosh

Posted on 17-06-2017 20:32 | By old trucker

Funny when these things happen, Everybody comes out of the woodwork to say they need SAFTEY measures put in place,for GOODNESS sake ,SLOW DOWN this would not have happened here if not speeding,there is always something,give me strength,police and ambulance must get sick of all this BS,people should pay for all the DAMAGE they have caused, this one at Pongakawa made a mess as well, how come this is happening, saying that the roads are slippery, (WELL if they had stone instead of hotmix,SURELY this would make a difference,) just my thoughts only,another busy day in paradise for blue boys,Sunlive thankyou,10-4 out.

A warning sign

Posted on 17-06-2017 20:18 | By R1Squid

That the operator of the vehicle should not be allowed near a vehicle again. Thankfully, no other vehicles were involved - the outcome could have fatal.