Support growing for harbour protest

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Hauraki are not Tauranga Moana – this is the message from Ngati Ranginui as further protest action gets underway in Mount Maunganui.

Tauranga iwi Ngai Te Rangi are protesting a treaty negotiation settlement which they say will give the Hauraki Collective of iwi and hapu rights to Tauranga Moana. 

In a statement released ahead of today’s protest action, Ngati Ranginui Settlement Trust chairperson Te Pio Kawe says Ngati Ranginui Settlement Trust were unaware of the protest action taken by Ngai Te Rangi on Thursday, “although both Iwi agree that there is a no evidence to support the Crown’s view that Hauraki should have the same interests or rights in Tauranga Moana as Ngati Ranginui, Ngai Te Rangi and Ngati Pukenga”.

“Hauraki are not Tauranga Moana,” says Te Pio.

The Settlement Trust says while they were not able to officially play a role in organising the action, they are pleased to see their waka Takitimu and so many Ngati Ranginui people involved.

Ngati Ranginui Settlement Trust chairperson Te Pio Kawe.

“Our, tamariki, Rangatahi, Pakeke and Kaumatua were passionately supporting the kaupapa, both in person and online via Facebook.”

Te Pio says the Settlement Trust believe local ratepayers, residents, territorial authorities, local businesses and the wider community, should be supporting Tauranga Moana iwi, Ngati Ranginui and Ngai Te Rangi.

“The potential intrusion of Hauraki Iwi into Tauranga Moana will forever change the cultural landscape and cultural identity – we cannot and should not have non-ratepayers from outside the district dictating to local government, businesses and local residents.”

Te Pio says both iwi have been working tirelessly over the past several months, to prevent the Crown making the decision to allow an external tribe to have a say over the direction and management of local resources.

It’s understood that today’s action stemmed from advice that a date had been set by the Crown to sign a Treaty Settlement with Hauraki that recognises their claim in Tauranga Moana.

“Representatives of the Crown have claimed this is not the case and no such date for signing has been set. However, we are mindful that it would not be the first time that the Crown have told us one thing and done another,” says Te Pio.

Northland coastal iwi Ngati Wai have also come out in support of the protest action taken by the two Tauranga Moana iwi and posted their criticism of the Crown handling of the Hauraki claim, on their Facebook page.

They join Auckland based iwi Ngati Whatua, who have previously also publicly stated their discontent with the Crown’s handling of the Hauraki claim.

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I would go even further papamoaner.

Posted on 24-06-2017 12:02 | By R. Bell

Sometimes " laws" are draconian even unworkable. The law is not always in the best interests of all citizens. In this case the Port and its business has right of way. However local Maori have the rights guaranteed by tinorangatiratanga held in the treaty of Waitangi. How to reconcile the two is perhaps the biggest challenge we face as Pakeha. Robin Bell.

Not ok to break the law

Posted on 23-06-2017 13:10 | By Papamoaner

But sometimes laws get broken along the way to doing good, as happened during the springbok tour protests. Some philosophers have said "rules are made to be broken" certainly if the community had risen up en-masse and broken some laws in Germany in 1938 onwards, 11 million people might not have been murdered by the government of the day, and WW2 with another high casualty rate would have been avoided. The German people at large were not in favour of events, but observed the law. To do otherwise would have been at their peril, and who could blame them given the draconian thuggery of the Nazis? A bit of a long-winded way of saying your question to Robin Bell is simplistic.

So robin

Posted on 22-06-2017 17:59 | By NZer

Are you saying its ok to break the law then?


Posted on 22-06-2017 13:28 | By Capt_Kaveman

Will this stupidity end

Container ship vs waka

Posted on 20-06-2017 13:28 | By NZer

I know who i will be putting my money on... Looks like Iwi are trying to commit suicide.. Let them do it. Darwins theory of evolution on show here... The iwi wont win any friends by doing this. The comments prove it...

Waiknot, I think you will find

Posted on 19-06-2017 09:03 | By R. Bell

Maori have lived with "stigma"for a very long time. I think you will also find that this issue is due to be signed off by Minister Finlayson very soon. That is the reason for the protest, sadly it is the only way for them to get justice, more often than not. Robin Bell.

R Bell

Posted on 18-06-2017 17:43 | By waiknot

You are correct the port will have minimal inconvenience but we need to be concerned with any potential lingering stigma. This issue is not a new one I’ve been aware of it for year?well longer than I can remember.

Suppressed history, roseh.

Posted on 18-06-2017 11:18 | By R. Bell

Google Cannibalism in Britain and Europe and get a little education on the subject. You and your friends are getting a little boring. Pay particular attention to the Royals, less than 300 yrs ago. Robin Bell.


Posted on 17-06-2017 20:26 | By R1Squid

I agree with you. 35 years ago, times were so much different and everyone worked for their $$$.


Posted on 17-06-2017 20:19 | By Papamoaner

Interesting what you say. I guess some maori ate some Moriori. We were certainly unkind to each other in the old days. Let me think now --- might that cannibalism have been around the time we were burning witches alive at the stake in England - you remember? the country where public beheadings might have been pioneered. Or was that France? Gosh it’s confusing who did what to who and where.


Posted on 17-06-2017 19:17 | By GuyHi

Mmmm.... Interfering with and breaking Maritime law - tick. Guys in the waka not wearing life jackets - tick. Dogs on the Mount - tick. Anybody prosecuted? OF COURSE NOT!!! Stupid of me to even THINK that the same law applies to all! Rant over...

That Treaty thing

Posted on 17-06-2017 17:18 | By kinakat

Wow couldn’t even write the proper name for the Treaty of Waitangi. Goes to show how much you know about nz history. So disrespectful and sad.


Posted on 17-06-2017 16:43 | By overit

"we cannot have non-ratepayers from outside the district dictating to local government, businesses and local residents." How much Maori land is unrated, how much Maori money is put under charity status and is not taxed? As for non-ratepayers from outside the district dictating, that’s amusing because that’s what Maori all over the country are doing to NZ.


Posted on 17-06-2017 16:26 | By Fonzie

Maori complaining about Maori getting deals done behind closed doorsNow there is a change


Posted on 17-06-2017 15:13 | By Captain Sensible

I still don’t understand why maori feel they have some rights to anything that the rest of us don’t have rights to. Must be that forever present sense of entitlement.

Get a proper Job

Posted on 17-06-2017 15:12 | By roseh

As far as I’m concerned the more publisity this crowd get the more they survive.Can someone please tell me why there hasn’t been any arrests.If joe bloges was out there doing that he would be taken away.Seems everyone bows and scrapes to there every whim.THAT TREATY THING SHOULD NEVER HAVE BEEN ALLOWED TO GO ON AND ON> Should have been scraped years and years ago.Can someone correct me if wrong but I was taught at school that the Mori Orie where hear frist If so don’t hear them going on BUT then weren’t they eaten??My husband was part Maori and he was embarased by the carry on of some and sure there are lots of other decent ones out there that aren’t always looking for hand out

The sad thing waiknot,

Posted on 17-06-2017 12:22 | By R. Bell

is that Maori issues have to make a big splash ( so to speak ) or they go un-noticed by both media and the majority. Don’t worry, the port will barely notice it all, but you have, that’s a good start. Robin Bell.

@ waiknot

Posted on 17-06-2017 12:04 | By astex

Fully agree with you there. They would probably get many supporters of all races if the protest was done in a LEGAL way. Unfortunately although I may agree with their views I also believe that the police should be arresting those involved for the breach of maritime law.

Port Entry

Posted on 17-06-2017 11:26 | By Denny G

The authorities should take steps to make sure commercial shipping is not interfered with

I'm white!!!!!

Posted on 17-06-2017 10:55 | By waiknot

But I would be there supporting this protest today if I could. But I can’t support any protest interfering with the operation of the port.