Powerco driving home danger message

Posted at 2:50pm Tuesday 13 Jun, 2017

Powerco hopes a hard hitting video campaign will send a clear message to anyone who is around live power lines. Supplied photo.

Powerco's latest public safety campaign highlights the potentially deadly outcome of not treating all fallen power lines as live.

Through a hard-hitting video clip, to run at the electricity line company's stand at the Fieldays at Mystery Creek this week (14-17 June) and on Powerco's social media accounts, viewers will witness the result of not keeping clear of fallen lines.

The consequence is ‘deadly' after the driver, played by an actor, gets out of his crashed vehicle, draped in downed power lines, and is electrocuted.

Powerco Group Health, Safety, Environment and Quality Manager Julie McAvoy says the company took the safety of the public very seriously and made no apologies for the graphic content of the clip.

“Safety is a top priority for Powerco and we want to make sure people are fully aware of the dangers of lines that have fallen. Power lines can come down for a variety of reasons – in high winds, by trees in storms, if they are hit by high equipment or in motor vehicle accidents.

“It's very important that people remember that downed lines are deadly. Treat all fallen lines as live and that electricity is still flowing through those cables.

“If you see a fallen power line, keep yourself, your children and livestock well away and, once safe, call 111.”

A follow-up video clip, also to be played at the field days and on social media, details what the crashed vehicle's driver should have done to stay safe and alive.

“If you crash into a power pole and lines are down, stay in the car. Call 111 so emergency services can contact us and wait till the power is swtiched off and you are instructed by Powerco it is safe to get out of the vehicle.”

The video clips can be viewed here and here.

Filming for the videos took place at a rural intersection near New Plymouth in August last year.

The props, a crumpled car and snapped concrete pole, were authentic as both had been involved in a real-life car versus pole crash.



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Posted on 24-06-2017 17:34 | By Capt_Kaveman

dont they be made to put lines underground poles are a nightmare

No! don't tell me!!

Posted on 13-06-2017 16:32 | By CC8

Fallen power lines are dangerous? I am flabbergasted! Whoever would have thought? Maybe Powerco has been allowed to sneak their charges up too far ,...maybe because they are a faceless money hungry organisation who's charges blindly get foisted upon the consumer by the supply "providers" with the bland rationale that those charges are a cost. Powerco has no one to answer to for their excess and spending?


Posted on 13-06-2017 16:22 | By maildrop

Why are they wasting money? Given that the vast majority of people who drive into power lines are wreckless idiots to start with, and often top up their stupidity level with drink or drugs, I have two questions for Powerco. 1. Why should we care? 2. What on earth makes you think an ad will register in their tiny little brain and be recalled when the moment arrives? Complete waste of money.

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