Council accepts building consents review

Chief Executive Garry Poole.

Tauranga City Council has this afternoon released a report by BDO following its independent review of matters relating to building consents.

Council announced the review in March following complaints from some members of the public.

Chief Executive Garry Poole has welcomed the report’s findings and says Council will now work with the industry to implement the recommendations.

“The report has shown areas where we need to do better and has raised some issues for us to consider.

“It has rightly pointed out that Council’s old way of accepting and entering building consents into our system was not efficient or effective. However, we have largely already dealt with that by the introduction of our cloud-based system Alpha One in March.

“We are committed to implementing the review’s recommendations, working closely with the industry and our staff,” says Garry.

The independent review included feedback from developers, builders, members of the public, an internal survey and interviews.

More than 300 people provided input into the review. BDO was asked to review three key areas, including the Culture and Leadership of Council’s Building Department, its dealings with Bella Vista Homes, and the formulation, approval and application of its Geotech policy.

“We are pleased that the report has not found any evidence of deliberate actions or slowing of consents related to Bella Vista or any other developer,” says Garry.

Tauranga City Council outsources some consent processing services to other Councils and private companies.

In March, around 50 per cent of consents were outsourced.

Garry says the report has raised questions related to the procurement of an external supplier, Holmes Farsight.

“It’s clear we did not follow our own procurement policies, which is disappointing and we need to understand why this happened,” he says.

“Ratepayers should be able to have confidence in Council’s processes, so we have engaged respected forensic accountants Beattie Varley Limited to look into this further.

“We want to assure everyone that this does not cast any doubt on the work undertaken by Holmes Farsight or the consents they were part of assessing.”

BDO has also been retained to review Council’s wider procurement processes and arrangements. Garry has thanked BDO and all those who took part.

“Tauranga City Council has a responsibility to our community to consider all complaints and that is what we have done. We will be learning from this review and taking action to improve the way we do things in future.”

Please click here for a copy of the independent review. 

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COST, just look at the smug look

Posted on 12-06-2017 22:51 | By The Caveman

On the face of Garry Poole - I suspect that it’s a bit NORTH of $250,000 but ratepayers will NEVER know - something called "commercial sensitivity"................ But if ratepayer money is being spent - even to reveal Council problems, then that ratepayers have a right to know......................


Posted on 12-06-2017 21:27 | By waiknot

The reviews will continue untill they produce the predetermined required result. A suggestion if council drafted the terms of reference for the review with more care they might get the desired result first time.

what a shambles TCC

Posted on 12-06-2017 20:41 | By old trucker

Another photo op,.of cause he could find no deliberate action slowing consents of this BUILDER, me tinks different about this, above is covering over everybody elses mistakes,how does he sleep at noght,(NO PROBLEMS AT ALL) he is in charge and does not care as he is TCC,and gets a fat pay from us Ratepayers,Gosh i would like to say more (BUT),Thankyou No1, 10-4 out. PHEW.

All at what cost?

Posted on 12-06-2017 14:07 | By big ted

Now we have a review of a review. Next we will have a review of the review’s review! How much is this costing the ratepayer for this beauracracy?