Foodstuffs ditch microbeads from shelves

New World Brookfield is joining other Foodstuff supermarket chains in banning microbeads. Photo: Facebook.

New World, Pak’N’Save and Four Square have announced that they will be microbead free from July 1 – a whole year ahead before the compulsory ban is enforced.

The announcement comes in time for World Oceans Day today.

Scientific research has proven that the tiny beads of plastic used as an exfoliating agent in many skin cleansing products are finding their way into drains and ultimately the marine environment where they fail to break down or are consumed by marine life, the supermarket chain says in a statement released overnight.

Chris Quin, Foodstuffs North Island CEO, says the business started discussions with suppliers in 2016 with the aim of speeding up the change. 

“We’re pleased to say that many suppliers had already reformulated their products substituting the plastic beads with natural ingredients. Where brands are unable to meet our needs we’ll delist the products until new formulations are available.”

Making positive change takes a collective approach, says Chris.

“Minimising our impact on the environment is a priority issue and banning microbeads is absolutely the right thing to do. The changes we’re making will have a positive impact on marine life – it’s great we were able to announce this change on World Oceans Day. That said we know there’s more work to be done and we will continue to see how we can reduce plastics wherever we can.”

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Many other plastics too

Posted on 09-06-2017 10:01 | By Papamoaner

Quite a few plastic objects are floating at sea and kill marine life. Those plastic ring sets that secure drink cans together ought to be banned. There are thousands of them washing up on our rocky coasts. I have seen dead fish stuck in them in some places. Human habitation is leaving its ugly mark on the planet, and the planet could strike back and wipe us out. Already storms are getting more violent and more frequent.

You mean like

Posted on 08-06-2017 23:33 | By tish

paper bags, like those that sufficed for decades before plastic became so cheap and trendy and unnecessarily used for everything?

A courageous move.

Posted on 08-06-2017 20:20 | By Papamoaner

They will get my custom. We MUST respect our marine environment. Not just the forests and rivers. Nature is already warning us to look after the environment, OR ELSE!

Great start

Posted on 08-06-2017 12:34 | By Border Patrol

It would be fantastic if they can back this up with finding an alternative for using plastic bags.