Spring St lift back in action

Posted at 1:28pm Tuesday 06 Jun, 2017

The lift is working again at the Spring Street car parking building.

It was closed over Queens' Birthday weekend after two instances late last week where the lift stopped between floors with passengers still inside.

“A fault had triggered the lift's safety mechanism, stopping the lift. The fault was repaired this morning,” says a statement from the council.

“Technicians have also checked the lift at Elizabeth Street parking building.”

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golly gosh

Posted on 09-06-2017 20:02 | By old trucker

Well im sure NO ONE suffered from any problems going up and down stairs, (me tinks) that they should have left it turned off,and this would give people some exercise after sitting all day,lol,. my thoughts only,poor didums, No1 is Sunlive for News in the Bay,Thankyou 10-4 out.

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