Thank you for more, Tauranga

Simon Bridges
National MP

Thank you for giving me another three years of your support. It is not something I take for granted and I will continue to work hard to deliver for you and our community.

The past few months have seen an amazing election campaign and this is a magnificent result for National and a strong endorsement of the direction New Zealand is taking.

We want to build on the economic direction this country is taking which is the foundation of so much of our success.

The campaign helped everyone focus on what they want this country to achieve and the National Party and I will continue to work hard to realise these shared goals for New Zealand.

The campaign was a great way for me to get out and meet with and talk to you about what you would like to see happen in Tauranga.

I tried to visit as many of you as I could door-knocking, but also held street corner meetings and public events so I could answer your questions and hear your views.

National will remain ambitious and work relentlessly on behalf of all New Zealanders to keep growing the economy, increasing incomes and creating jobs.

We have put ourselves in a position where we can achieve sustained economic success.

And that's important because having a strong economy means we can make further progress on some of our most challenging, long-term issues – reducing poverty, supporting the most vulnerable and protecting the environment.

Here in Tauranga I want our growing city to reach its full potential.

We have become such a desirable place to move to, but our city needs to grow to accommodate our increasing population. People have made it clear to me that they expect more from our city, and I hope to deliver that for them.

Thanks again Tauranga and I look forward to working hard for you over the next three years. 


At Least

Posted on 10-10-2017 12:04 | By A Thought

At least you will have a different view from the other side of the house when Winston goes with the other side.Agree with roseh you are all about roads but have not addressed serious problems in Tauranga and left them in the too hard basket.

Thanks for what

Posted on 09-10-2017 13:06 | By roseh

Apart from roads can't think of a thing you have done to help me,seems living here has only become for the wealth,which 12 years ago when we moved here it wasn't like that.So what does that tell me.HOW LONG HAS NATIONAL BEEN IN 9 Time for a change

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