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Brian Rogers
Rogers Rabbits

Here at the Sun we've been enjoying beauuuutiful muffins, thanks to Jeff Gardner the new owner of Muffin Break in Bayfair.

Jeff sent the Sun a couple of boxes of fresh-baked product. That went down well on a chilly morning at The Strand, thanks Jeff!

Nicely boxed up and a selection of tastes, the muffins were devoured in the newsroom. The reporters went through them like a hot knife through butter. We even let some of the advertising and production department have a little taste. We'll be timing our next visit to Bayfair for morning tea time!

It took me back to the morning we moved into our lovely old historic building on a similar chilled out winter's day, exactly nine years ago.  

The wafting aroma of fresh-baked muffins mingled with ancient sawdust as we renovated No.1 The Strand, the old bonded store, and set up
Sun Media's new home.  Here's a blast from the past, what Rogers was rabbiting about, nine years ago...

Flashback, 2008:

This week we celebrate the marvels of modern technology.

Alexander Graham Bell would be very impressed to know that these days, a business can move offices one day, and the next have all their phone calls transferred instantly using sophisticated digital computer processing, via fibre optic cable and satellite, to just about anywhere.

So a business such as our newspaper can be receiving phone calls in Devonport Rd on a Friday morning, move to 1 The Strand in the afternoon; and Telstra Clear can successfully divert all our calls direct to... McKenzie Elvin in Brown Street for Monday and Tuesday! Stunning.

The fact that The Sun is a newspaper and McKenzie Elvin a law firm is beside the point. You never know when our callers might need expert legal assistance.

Our apologies, on behalf of the phone company, to the wonderful people at McKenzie Elvin for putting up with this.

Congratulations to our 52 pages of advertisers who nevertheless doggedly tracked us down. Great to know your determination to get the best advertising in town is not thwarted by modern communication.

Congratulations to Telstra for effectively slamming the door on our business for a couple of days. A large bottle of quality dark rum would soften the blow. (It's never too late.)

As I write, all is well and our happy customers can actually phone and talk to us, without involving a lawyer!

Apart from that, the move has been smooth. Well, there was that one incident involving the glass fish tank, a lot of blood and a quick trip back to our old neighbours at CentralMed, but that's all behind us now.

Sawdust central

No.1 The Strand is a wonderful location and we are having a great time wallowing in sawdust, half painted walls and half empty boxes.

The subbies and suppliers have been brilliant, all bringing fine products delivered with professionalism and best of all, a sense of humour. Every morning we arrive and endure our daily exposure to builder's cracks.

Thanks to our fantastic staff for taking it all in your stride.

It will only improve in the next few weeks as we complete the last of the tarting up of this unique old building.

Thanks to the many people who have dropped in with flowers, cakes and muffins. It's been heartwarming to feel such a connection with the community (do you hear violins?).



Moving words

Everyone is raving about the old Bond Store building. And here's what some of Tauranga's most discerning personages (nearly all of them real people) have said about it so far:

“Hi Guys, I love that building and was wondering what was going to happen to it, so am thrilled you will be the new custodians.” Sue Clarke.

“My Dad will be very interested in having a look when you are finished and move in.
It is a lovely old building, I was quite gutted when he sold it, Lovely that it is in good hands, really!”  Cheers, Butler.

“So they're putting a newspaper in there. What a waste. It's an old bondage store.”
Three guys walking home from the pub.

“Good luck with the move…. Your new premises are just fantastic – real Tauranga history in a central position. Nice one.”
Judi Joubert.

“…low profile, out of the way, old and bitterly cold building ...”
Susan Harrison-Tustain. Artist.

“Rat infested, freezing cold with trees growing from the inside.”
Tracey Rudduck, Creative Tauranga.

“It's a dump. I wouldn't let the dog live in it, let alone run a newspaper from there.”
Harvey Wilson.

“I'd be happy enough living there, if it wasn't for Harvey moaning all the time.”
The Dog.

“Who is this Bond guy?”
Confused Reader, Otumoetai.

“Have you thought of a use for the basement yet? I have some good ideas.”
Josef Fritzl.


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